Islands & Beaches


  Day 1.

(Full day) dolphintour & Safari blue see adventure)
7:00 am pick up at your hotel to kizimkazi beach,get a boat ride to the dolphins spoots, enjoy watching, swimming and even touching the dolphins, take sometime enjoying the moments than straight to pungume Island for a sandbank -sandbathing and a BBQ see food lunch with drinks and fruits then ride back to the beach for a transfer back to the hotel.

    Day 2.

(Spicetour,stone towntour, prison Island tour)
8:am pick up at your hotel for the 3 days tiurs combined together, these are historical tours in zanzibar, you’ll get a chance to walk in the narrow streets of stone town, visit the magical Island with the giant tartoises and a unique history,spend the moments then back to the hotel.

   Day 3.

(Turtlescarictuary, village tour,dhow sunset cruise)
At 9:30 am pick up at your hotel to nungwi, enjoy swimming with turtles in the natural lagoon,expore the village relax on the beautiful zanzibar beach at kendwa till 4 am for a dhow sunset cruise with refreshments on board.enjoy the moments then transfer back to your hotel at 7 pm.

    Day 4.

(Jozaniforestour,kuza caves tour, the rock restaurant)
9:00 am pick up at your hotel to jozani forest , discovers flora and fauna,see the different zanzibar colobus friendly monkeys then to the kuza caves, enjoy swimming in the natural fresh water cave feel in nature and relax in the amazing cave spend some time then to the rock restaurant trip for dinner, later then pick up for a transfer back to the hotel.

End of services.

Price for one person=1500$


Mbudya a Island (or simply mbudya)in an uninhabited island in Tanzania north of the country,s largest city.dar es salaam and is one of the four Islands of the dar es salaam.the Island lies close to the beach resort and fishing community of kunduchi and is reachable by means of a 20minute motor boat ride crossing from the is therefore a popular day trip for both tourists and Tanzanian residents a like ,sarving as a location for a variety of leisure activitie including.