Tanzania is home to the highest mountain in Africa-mount Kilimanjaro (5895 metres) which is also the highest free standing mountain in the world.Despite its height Kilimanjaro is one of the world,s most climbers reaching the peak (Uhuru peak) with little more than a walking stick,proper clothing and determination.

Climbing mount Kilimanjaro is a virtual climatic world tour.from the tropical rainforest on the lower slopes and alpine health, to an almost bare alpine desert and finally the wintry Arctic summit of snow and ice, just 3 degrees south of the Equator.
The ascent of Kilimanjaro can be done from six routes:mwera,umbwe,shira,rongai,machame, and the marangu route which is the easier one.Depending on which route one wants to take.the climbing of Kilimanjaro can take between four to six nights on the mountain.The two most popular routes are marangu and machame on the marangu route accommodation is in alpine huts where machame route it is camping through while expert guides and porter accompany you on your climbing,no technical equipment is required on these route.



The marangu or main route is by far the most popular way to the summit.
The escent is more gradual and no professional equipment is required.The accommodation on the way up and down is provided in mountain huts with all the basic necessities, There are 50 bunk beds each (for 50 people each)at kibo hut(4700m) and 120 bunk beds (for 120 people)at horombo hut(3720m) which is also used for descent.climbers are supplied with mattresses and pillow, but sleeping should be brought along.The communal dining halls, washroom, toilets.
It usually takes 5days/4Nights for the round trip.the trek can also be taken in 6days/5nights to add acclimatization with an extra day at Horombo hut.The supplementary cost for an extra day is indicated separately as an option.


This is probably the most scenic route up Kilimanjaro.The accommodation on the way up and down is strictly camping (mobile tents) only.This Trek is strenuous and may be better suited to more adventurous hikers.The machame route is normally campleted in a minimum of 6 days/5nights on the mountain.


The umbwe route, which is based in the south is a 6-days/5-nights tour and is said to be the most scenic and difficult one offered on Kilimanjaro.The first two days are extrenuos making it only suitable for well trained mountaineers An a cclimatization day is rarely offered on the standard programme, but can be added where by giving the climber an extra day in the Karanga valley.The descent trail is the some as the mweka route.