About Us

Hamisitours Safari, Tanzania L.T.D We care about you and your expections in Tanzania. Budget Safari Tanzania for all “on-the-Road” Back pacjers Tanzania Safari _group Safari? Discount Safari? -all about budget Safari Tanzania Are you “on-the-Road? HAMISITOURS -YOUR DMC ON DAR ES SALAAM. After 18 years in operation,we are proud to have growth to be the leading destination management company on DAR ES SALAAM.as a result, HAMISITOURS sets standards for the market in terms of services quality and product quality.more over we always find innovative and creative ways to infect our guest with our love for our unique little Island and most of all.during this long period,we have established close partnerships with investors.suppliers and local communities, through permanent training of our staff,we improve our standards year after year.moreover, the Hamisitours team is surely driven by it’s love and passion for East Africa and its people. HAMISITOURS -SUISTAI ABILITY Hamisitours follows strict campany rules when it comes to sustainable tourism, due to growth of tourism in the India ocean destinations and here in DAR ES SALAAM CITY and ZANZIBAR ISLAND sustainability is a very import factor for success please find here some projects we support especially in terms of sustainability. HAMISITOURS -TRANSFER We own a huge fleet of different types of vihcles, from small vihcle like Toyota Alphard 30-seat and also luxury vihcle, our cars are all in house maintained and serviced in our own workshop.living on an island in the India ocean.we do not rely on 4rd parties.if it comes to essential things.such as fuel.hence,we operate our own gas station on our workshop compound. BEST SAFARI TANZANIA WE BENEFIT TOO! Experience is one thing.but we love our country: its nature, landscape, culture and history.we love our job because we are on safari all the time! But we canstantly learn, experience, and our products cantinually evolve.thus we communicate and network all the time with remote tribal villages.also with cultural groups such as musicians, sculptors and artists.finally all this ends up into the melting pot of our products, the Safari Tanzania.